Selection of the system

While selecting the gutter system, some calculations of ability to receive water from the roof of a building must be carried out. For this purpose, a maximum effective roof surface shall be estimated.

Effective Roof Surface (ERS):


Roof surface expressed in m2 = (C/2 + B) x roof length.

If application of corners is considered by the designer then ERS shall be increased with the following percent value:

a) 10% - for installation of the corner up to 2 m from the outlet

b) 5% - exceeding 2 m

Foregoing calculations are carried out with an assumption that precipitation intensity equals 75 mm/h, and roof slope equals maximum 50 degrees. For roofs with less than 10-degree slope or flat roofs, the maximum effective roof surface equals the roof surface.

Having calculated the surface area, the user may consider the content of the following table which determines efficiency of particular gutter systems.

Comparison of table data to the surface area that is to be drained facilitates selection of optimal system for a specific building (data shown in the table determine maximum roof surface from which water may be received by particular systems).


Table of efficiency

Following table determines Galeco STAL system efficiency in accordance with the placement of the fall pipe.

Positions of the downpipe 120/90 135/90 135/100 150/100 150/120
60 m2 110 m2 110 m2 150 m2 150 m2
120 m2 220 m2 220 m2 300 m2 300 m2



Diameters and application


It is a system designed for gutters in huge garages, umbrella roofs, small single-family houses, terraces and domestic buildings that constitute a supplement for Galeco 135 System. Gutter deep profile’s volume is similar to the volume of 125 mm steel gutter made as per  Nordal Aluminum System.


It is a basic system used for guttering single-family houses, multi-family houses and minor industrial facilities.
Gutter deep profile’ volume is similar to the volume of 125 mm steel gutter made as per Nordal Aluminum System.


This system is designed for draining water from huge uniform roof surfaces in industrial facilities and major apartments.