General information

Galeco STAL system is made of the best quality coated steel. It is provided with four protective layers: zinc, passivation coat, primer, and organic coat. It is the only TOTAL PROTECTIVE SYSTEM FOR GUTTERS AND FALL PIPES as foiling and pipe internal seam guarantee high aesthetics quality without any scratches.

Typical shape of Galeco gutter including its turned up countersunk is an identification mark of this product. Galeco STAL gutter has a deep profile, so called continental, ensuring its significantly higher efficiency in comparison to the efficiency of competitive systems such as Nordal Aluminum System. Galeco STAL system is unusually innovative. Its elements have been precisely designed. Modern wide clamp gutter joiners with increased sealing surface guarantee the system stability. New clamp corners integrate proven sealing system with modern clamp solution. Except that, it is not necessary to apply connectors next to these corners. For this purpose the system operational costs are minimised. The gutter is fixed directly to the corner simply and quickly. In the course of installation, firstly the hooks are fixed and then, upon application of roofing, the gutters are completed. The potential user may be assured that the gutters will not be damaged as a result of, e.g., falling tools or tiles from the roof.

Galeco STAL is a system available in nine colours: copper, chocolate brown, dark brown, trick-red, dark red, graphite, dark green, white and black.




Galeco STAL System is made of high-quality coated steel. High durability of plates is ensured through the application of additional 4 protective layers which prevent the material against adverse weather conditions. Steel core thickness is 0.6 mm. It is double, zinc-coated, passivated, and coated with organic protective aesthetic layer.


Total protective system

Galeco is the first company on the market which developed a total protective system for steel pipes.

A protective foil for fall pipes and gutters, which is designed for protection during storage or transport, is an element of the system. It enables fixing system long elements avoiding any scratches.

This foil is biodegradable. On the other hand, fall pipe internal seam decreases the risk of pipe friction, thus occurrence of scratches, during storage.

The foil should be removed directly prior to installation of Galeco STAL System. It guarantees that a good-quality and aesthetic gutter system will be fixed to the roof.



The system features:

  1. gutter deep profile, so called continental
  2. specific countersunk, turned into the internal part of the gutter, preventing against water overflow at heavy raindrops
  3. sealing system
  4. wide gutter joiners that enhance the system stability
  5. clamp and seal corners that constitute direct link between the gutter and the corner without application of any joiners
  6. sealing made of EPDM, a flexible elastic material that is resistant to ageing
  7. universal endcaps – seal endcaps
  8. the widest range of colours available amongst steel coated systems
  9. non-standard corners that enable the system application on complicated roof structure


  1. Aesthetic values
  2. High mechanical strength
  3. Resistance to temperature difference
  4. 35-year guarantee
  5. High-quality steel plates
  6. Specifically shaped support bracket with significant load strength



Colour schemes

Ral   Colour Galeco Stal
      120/90 135/90 135/100 150/100 150/120
~ RAL 8004 D Brick Brick Brick Brick    
~ RAL 8019 V Dark brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown
~ RAL 8017 E Chocolate bronze Chocolate bronze Chocolate bronze Chocolate bronze    
  H Copper   Copper      
~ RAL 9003 W White   White      
~ RAL 9005 B Black Black Black Black    
~ RAL 3009 R Dark red Dark red Dark red Dark red    
~ RAL 7015 A Graphite Graphite    
~ RAL 6020 Z Dark green   Dark green